In May 2020, Acrux DDS Pty Ltd has entered into an exclusive sales, marketing and distribution agreement with TruPharma, LLC (“TruPharma”) in the United States. Subject to approval by the US Food and Drug Administration, TruPharma will be responsible for the commercialisation of 6 existing products from the Acrux pipeline, including the sponsorship and management of each FDA application, management of commercial manufacturing, marketing and distribution of each product.

TruPharma (private) is a company focused on sales, marketing, and distribution of high-quality prescription pharmaceutical products in the U.S. market. TruPharma partners with skilled developers and reliable manufactures to bring niche and limited supply products to its customers. TruPharma is owned and operated by seasoned executives with extensive experience overcoming legal and regulatory hurdles to FDA approvals, and selling products to all classes of trade. TruPharma’s independence and experience has made it a front-end partner of choice for companies targeting the US pharmaceutical market.

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