Estradiol MDTS


Product Overview

The first product developed by Acrux was the estradiol spray for women, used to treat moderate to severe hot flushes commonly associated with menopause.

Acrux has licenced its estradiol product to Gedeon Richter to commercialise in various territories, including Europe and Eurasia.  Gedeon Richter has received multiple marketing approvals and is expected to launch in 2016. Gedeon Richter have branded Acrux’s estradiol spray, Lenzetto®.

In the United States, Acrux’s estradiol spray is distributed by Perrigo and branded Evamist®. Evamist® has been on sale in the United States since 2009.

About the Estradiol product

This estradiol product is different to other transdermal systems. The spray is applied clear, generally dries in less than two minutes and has a low incidence of reported skin irritation.

Acrux’s estradiol transdermal spray is not formulated as a membrane controlled reservoir or solid matrix system requiring a backing, adhesive and release liner. Accordingly, the product has several potential advantages over currently approved transdermal estrogen products.

Clinical studies have shown that estradiol delivered in the Estradiol formulation is absorbed through the skin and provides efficacious serum concentrations for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms in postmenopausal women. The fast-drying spray delivers a low dose of estradiol, resulting in therapeutic blood levels similar to the exposure range for other approved estrogen products.